Material Placement – Rock Slinger

Material Placement Truck

Material Placement Equipment- A Money Saving Investment

There is no denying a time consuming job raises cost, so having fast and efficient material placement equipment at your job site will save you money.  The Rock Slinger can dramatically reduce time spent performing material placement.

With no out riggers, set up and tear down time is virtually eliminated.  You can also minimize access bottle necks with the Rock Slinger’s extreme off road capabilities.

It can place material up to 160’, further than any competing truck mounted conveyors.

Increase your profitability by utilizing the Rock Slinger, the ultimate piece of equipment when it comes to material placement.  You can cut your labor costs and save time by accurately placing high volumes of material at rapid rates with less manpower.


Our Rock Slinger can spread material at rates 3 to 4 cubic yards per minute.  With gravel, this translates into nearly 6 tons per minute.

The speed with which material is spread and the distance at which it is placed is controlled by the operator.  It has about a 6 cubic yard hopper that can be easily loaded during operation with a small wheel loader.

The large capacity box is designed to be loaded continuously so application doesn’t have to stop.  It can spread a variety of materials including composts, wood chips, cement, soils, sands, gravels, and up to 3 inch rock.

Dramatically reduce time spent spreading the material by reducing or eliminating the labor usually used in manually spreading it.  When needed, our Rock Slinger can throw the material up to 160 feet or gently place the material close in.

The direction, speed, and flow of material can be completely controlled, avoiding any damage caused by impact when working around pipes, liners, and fabrics.  It is configured for precise movements and accurate placement.

Also, it is controlled entirely with remote control.  It allows the operator to work from any vantage point for better safety and accuracy.

Accessibility is key for the Rock Slinger, and with its all wheel drive and off road suspension it can go wherever the job is.

Our Rock Slinger can also place or spread material while traveling, allowing it to spread compost and soil mixes for reclamation or restoration projects.  It also enables it to fill trenches at precise depths and install sand filled containment tubes in place.

For more information about the AT7 Rock Slinger please contact Chenango Contracting, the best piece of equipment when it comes to material placement.