Turf Maintenance

Turf Maintenance

Turf Maintenance



A Certified Partner

Chenango is a certified FieldTurf FieldCare provider.  This means that using our services will not violate the warranty for your turf and also certifies that our crews have been trained in the best practices for artificial turf maintenance.



Artificial Turf Maintenance

Implementing an artificial turf maintenance program can increase the life of your field, improve how it performs, and create a safer playing surface for your athletes.  FIFA stresses the importance of turf maintenance and states that the lifetime of a field can be significantly reduced by not maintaining the surface.

Extend the life of your field with an artificial turf maintenance plan devised by Chenango Sports and FieldTurf.  We offer packages that fit your budget as well as your schedule.  Our field specialists can determine a maintenance plan designed specifically for your field’s needs.

FieldTurf developed a maintenance protocol that is designed to make your field perform at an optimum level for a longer period of time.  A Chenango artificial turf maintenance program is a cost-effective, hassle free, essential way of extending the life of  your synthetic turf field.

Chenango employs a full time staff of certified technicians who specialize in the maintenance and repair of synthetic turf systems.  We know it’s important for you to maintain the play-ability of your field; that’s why we can be onsite within 48 hours to make any repairs you need.

Should your field need repair work, Chenango will work closely with FieldTurf to evaluate the damage, devise a plan of action, and schedule the repair work as quickly as possible.

Repair Work

Should your field ever need repair work, Chenango will evaluate the damage, devise a plan of action, and schedule the repair work as quickly as possible.  Customer satisfaction is our greatest priority.

Gmax Test

Chenango Sports now offers a GMAX testing service to ensure that your field meets all ASTM standards and specifications. Our GMAX test will provide the information needed to determine if your field is operating at an optimal safety level for your athletes.  GMAX testing is a perfect complement to any artificial turf maintenance program.

Snow Plowing

Want to use your field all year round? Is the snow holding you back? Not a problem! Chenango offers a snow removal service to get your field in playing condition during those cold winter months.


Watch This Informational Video on the Importance of Maintaining Your Turf: