The Field Turf Difference

The FieldTurf Difference
FieldTurf is the worldwide leader in artificial turf.  FieldTurf invented and perfected the long-pile, infilled artificial turf system.  Since inception, FieldTurf's innovations have changed the turf industry, which have created safer, more realistic synthetic playing surfaces.  FieldTurf systems are superior to other artificial turfs for multiple reasons including their fibers and infill.  The fibers are the most durable in the industry, yet are still soft like natural grass.  Additionally, the fibers are comprised of the best polymers available, and are manufactured by FieldTurf!  The infill system is the most important aspect of a synthetic turf field.  The infill is the basis for player safety, as it provides appropriate cushioning to absorb impacts, while maintaining proper energy restitution and playability.   FieldTurf vertically integrated its manufacturing process to offer quality products at the highest level.  By vertically integrating their manufacturing, FieldTurf is able to strictly control all aspects of the value chain, which ensures our clients receive the best, longest lasting synthetic turf systems in the industry.

The Sports World Chooses FieldTurf
Throughout the last decade our engineered, infilled artificial turf systems became the first to host two Super Bowls, the World Series, the World Baseball Classic, a Major League Soccer Cup final and College Bowl games from coast to coast.  Today, FieldTurf continues to thrive as the global market leader in synthetic sports fields with more than 7,000 fields installed.  Cities and schools have been benefitting from our ability to provide the very best value for the short and long term, allowing organizations at all levels to be able to forecast the amount of money they will save by installing FieldTurf, the safest, longest lasting and highest performing artificial turf system.

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Field Turf Difference