Commercial Synthetic Turf

Perfect Lawn- Synthetic Turf For Your Commercial Needs

Synthetic turf for commercial landscaping is an innovative way to keep your landscaping looking great all year with minimal maintenance. Replace the tired look of wood chips and gravel with the realistic look of synthetic turf. You can impress your customers with an eye catching landscape. It also makes a great surface for an employee courtyard or a roof top space.

Artificial Turf Advantages

There are many advantages to upgrading to a synthetic turf installation. For instance, our turf has a 15 – 20 year life expectancy. Not paying for landscaping maintenance will pay for the turf itself and save your company money over its life. You can cut the costs of weekly or monthly lawn care expenses.

Perfect Lawn artificial turf also has revolutionary drainage capabilities, which enables it to drain faster than regular grass. Our highly durable fibers can stand up to every season, our turf is the perfect solution for your commercial landscaping needs.

Another advantage is that our turf backing is a weed barrier, so you won’t have unsightly weeds ruining your landscaping any longer.

The biggest advantage is that you can save money by not having to water your turf every day. Our products can even help you obtain LEED points for your business!

With our synthetic turf you will be able to conserve water, virtually eliminate your landscaping costs associated with maintenance and mowing, and your landscaping will look great all year long.

Synthetic Turf