Your Players Safety is Our #1 Concern

A good amount of time and research is done for aesthetics, drainage, durability and other similar aspects in an artificial turf system. The biggest part in developing an artificial turf system, however, is safety.

Of course any company can claim that they have the safest field. However, when it comes to proven safety for your children and athletes, there is one company that stands beyond all – FieldTurf.

FieldTurf has been proven time and again to be the safest turf in the industry.

The demand for safe fields in sports is growing everyday as athletes become stronger and faster.

An independent 5-year study of competitive high school football showed that when compared to natural grass, FieldTurf systems with the three layer patented infill lead to:

  • 55% Fewer Neural Injuries
  • 47% Fewer Cranial / Cervical Injuries
  • 38% Fewer 3rd Degree Injuries
  • 45% Less Time Lost to Long-Term Injuries (Lasting  22+ Days)
  • 35% Less Time Lost to Short-Term Injuries (Lasting 1-2 Days)

Additionally, an independent, three-year study of competitive college football showed that when compared to natural grass the FieldTurf system leads to:

  • 74% Fewer Muscle Tears
  • 40% Lower ACL Trauma
  • 31% Fewer Ligament Tears
  • 20% Fewer Severe Injuries
  • 19% Fewer Substantial Injuries
  • 12% Fewer Concussions
  • 10% Less Injury From Shoe Surface Interaction during Contact
  • 8% Less Injury From Show Surface Interaction during Non-Contact
  • 7% Fewer Total Injuries

While no sport can ever be completely injury-free, FieldTurf continues to find new ways to reduce the risk and severity of injuries. Our focus on safety has led to numerous injury-reducing innovations and improvements.

As a result, we have the products and experience to help you provide the safest playing field possible for your athletes.