Maintenance Programs

Why Groom Your Turf?

There are several benefits to maintaining your turf field including a better playing surface for your athletes. Maintaining your field can also increase longevity of the field. Starting an artificial turf maintenance program can also lower GMAX value of the field. FieldTurf has put together industry leading artificial turf maintenance programs.

FieldTurf has created an informational video that illustrates their maintenance guidelines.

Artificial turf maintenance programs can extend the life of your field by fixing issues before they become major problems. Our programs can also extend the life of your field by addressing wear in high use areas. Also by adding infill if necessary and removing any debris from the field.

Standard Service

  • Cleaning of debris
  • Sweep field
  • Brush field
  • Magnet Sweeping of field
  • De-compaction of infill
  • Grooming and magnet sweep
  • Field Repairs related to inlays and seams
  • Treat perimeter moss and weed encroachment
  • Take infill measurements
  • Add infill in high traffic areas

‚ÄčOur standard service also includes a comprehensive field evaluation. The field evaluation ensures your field receives the attention it needs to perform at its optimal level. Chenango knows there is nothing more important than player safety. We work hand in hand with FieldTurf to provide you with the best field maintenance around.

Check out a PDF document detailing FieldTurf’s maintenance guidelines by clicking here. In addition to regular groomings and turf maintenance, Chenango recommends testing your field’s GMAX annually to ensure your surface is safe for your athletes. By performing regular grooming and field maintenance, you can expect your GMAX to remain within the specified limits of the field.

Artificial Turf Maintenance