Fiber 101

Choosing the Right Fiber

The process of choosing an infilled artificial turf system can be overwhelming. The first step is evaluating and selecting a system that will meet and satisfy you needs. Each available system has unique functions that will contribute to the artificial turf product’s performance as a whole.

The first step in building your new turf system is selecting a fiber that will meet your needs. There are two main types available today: Monofilament and Slit-Film.

Monofilaments are known for their resilience and aesthetics. These fibers are the most visually appealing and grass-like.

The geometry of the blade plays an important role in the performance characteristics. FieldTurf’s main monofilament fiber is Revolution, which has a unique shape and manufacturing process that creates unmatched durability.

The other type of fiber in the industry is the slit-film, which are the most durable fibers today. FieldTurf’s Classic HD is the industry leading slit-film fiber, which feature an upgraded manufacturing process that allows it to be even stronger.

Artificial Turf Fibers

Classic HD