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Natural lawns are very delicate and in order to have a great looking lawn you need to invest a large amount of time and money.  Even with the time and work investment, you still only get a great looking lawn for a few weeks a year.

Too much use, rain, sun or shade, too little water, fertilizer or maintenance and your lawn looks terrible.  Why not take the guess work out, and go with a solution that looks amazing all year without all the hassle?

The artificial grass solutions at Perfect Lawn is the solution to all these problems.  Our artificial grass is superior to its natural counterpart.

It looks green all year, rain or shine.

It won’t stain or fade from dog waste, and will put an end to muddy paw prints in your house.

Artificial grass is the best option for your landscaping, and has 20 year life expectancy!

Artificial lawn applications have been rapidly gaining traction over the last decade due to the multiple advantages it has over other landscaping solutions.  The biggest advantage is the appearance and feel of real turf all year, without the mowing, fertilizing, watering, and weekly upkeep; making it ideal for residential or commercial applications.

Artificial lawns used in backyards have been gaining popularity since the idea was introduced on HGTV.  Perfect Lawn is great for problem areas caused by pets, shady back yards, and poor soil.

Our artificial grass is anti-microbial, has hypoallergenic properties, and is quickly and easily installed.

Perfect Lawn is excellent for parks and recreation, pools, decks, patios, drought prone lawns, problem areas, rooftops, playgrounds, and pet areas.

We can even install your own personal putting green designed to your specifications.

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